WADA Drug Testing for Aeromodelers

The 2018 F2 World Championships organizers have indicated they will be complying with the FAI requirements that all of the competitors and Team Managers adhere to the World Anti-Doping Agency(WADA) standards. This whole requirement is aimed primarily at athletes and is intended to eliminate drug-enhanced performance. This IS the FAI rule and we must conform. All team members and alternate team members who MAY become part of the team must read and follow the contents of this note.

The WADA has a long list of banned drugs. Some of them are routinely taken by model airplane competitors since we tend to be older and use drugs by our Doctor's orders. The WADA allows for this situation and has procedures for obtaining a "Therapeutic Use Exemption" (TUE).

The following instructions must be followed if you are regularly taking a medication that might contain any prohibited substance. If you do not take medication, please ignore these instructions, a TUE is not required for you. (Of course, it may take a Doctor to determine if this is true!)

Here are some links to several pages on the FAI website where the FAI Anti-doping program is described:

The TUE MUST be obtained by YOU!

The following are the documents you need to access and print to take to your Primary Care Physician.

Now, here's what you have to do.

1) Make an appointment with your primary care physician, the Doctor who you see regularly and who knows of and prescribes the medications you are taking.

2) Take the printed documents mentioned above to him and have him fill out the TUE form. Make sure that he signs the form. Note that there are several fields on the TUE form that you should fill out ahead of time. Also note that the form is real picky about "capital letters or typing".

3) On the TUE form you will see instruction to send this form to the FAI. DO NOT SEND IT TO THE AMA NOR TO TEAM MANAGEMENT! The TUE is a strictly confidential form that is NOT intended for anyone other than you and your Doctor, and for the appropriate commission at the FAI headquarters. The FAI address is included on the last page of the form.

Please do this NOW! The TUE must be in the FAI's hands at least 21 days before you compete.

One last thing: when you have sent the TUE to the FAI, please notify me. You should get a "TUE Certificate" returned, and I would also like to know when that arrives.


Bill Lee
Team Manager